Open House

Open House is an annual event, where Red Hat opens its doors to the public to show off everything (or almost everything, we’ll keep our clothes on, if you don’t mind) that is being done under the hood. You’ll be able to find out about all the teams that do their magic in the largest engineering office of Red Hat in the world.

So prepare your tastebuds for a range of topics that will include but will not be restricted to Fedora, development in various languages, quality assurance, security, JBoss, Global Support, technical writing, internships and more. You’ll be able to hear talks, test your skills in competitions and talk directly to team representatives about opportunities to becoming part of our 1000+ family in Brno.

All that will be available in the modern spaces of our newest building TPB-B at the last stop of tram number 12 (Technology park), at Purkyňova 647/111 on Wednesday, 5th of April. The doors open at 13:00 and we’ll be going until 19:00.

All you have to do is register (see above) and show up. And don’t worry, if you forget to register, you can still do so upon entry, our handsome volunteers will take care of that.

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Open House


5. 4. 2017

Brno-město Purkyňova 111…

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Red Hat



Lucie Karmová





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